Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I know I'm late and appologize. As of now I still have no pictures. My computer decided it didn't want to work anymore, so I've been using the no-sound, no-video, no-camera-hookup one instead. So, while I have been trying my best to make squares, I have no proof that I have made any yet. *sigh*

I guess that's all. Have really enjoyed seeing everyone else's work this summer. Maybe a round two next year? Possibly?


Priscilla said...

I'm sorry this didn't work out better for you this summer. I like the idea of doing Summer of Squares again next summer, though. I will definitely keep that in mind.

Steph said...

It's okay. Perhaps I will go ahead and post the pictures once I get them developed. I really enjoyed making them, and will continue doing so. Oh and YAY for another summer of squares!