Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome to Summer of Squares

It's looking more and more like I am going to be spending my summer making afghan squares for one project or another, and really, what a great summer project afghan squares will make! Looking around the Internet, it seems like everyone I meet is also working on squares of one sort or another. So the idea for this "along" popped into my head. I would like this to be a place where we can share new patterns, tips and tricks for making squares, and info on charities looking for squares.

I want this "along" to be relaxed and fun, but I do have a few rules that I would ask everyone to follow:

1. Any fiber artist is welcome to join, as long as your finished project can become part of a blanket or afghan. I anticipate that most of you will knit and/or crochet, but quilters, sewers, or whoever, are welcome to join us. Also, I keep using the word "square", but please feel free to make squares, rectangles, hexagons, or whatever shape you want. Again, just make sure it can be joined with others of its type to make a blanket.

2. Your squares can be put toward whatever project you like, but I would ask that everyone who joins donates at least one square to charity over the course of the summer. There are some links on the sidebar of charities looking for squares or blankets, or you can send your square to me and I will find it a good home. Also, please be aware that most charities have specific size requirements for their squares. 8" and 12" squares seem to be fairly popular sizes, but Warm Up America prefers 7" X 9". Also, if there is enough interest, we could possibly work together to make a blanket to donate somewhere. Any contribution you made to that effort would certainly count towards fulfilling this rule. (We can decide on size and type of yarn later.)

3. You may join us at any time prior to August 15th by emailing me for a Blogger invite. You will need a Blogger account to participate, but signing up for one is free.

4. The "along" will run until the end of August, and to encourage you to make lots of squares, prizes will be awarded over Labor Day weekend. There will be a prize for the most squares made over the summer, the most squares donated to charity, and a random drawing for all participants. If anyone would be interested in donating a prize, that would be great. The more prizes we have, the more names I can draw at random.

5. To be eligible for the drawings, you need to post pictures of each square you make (although you can certainly do group shots of squares if it's easier).

6. Have fun and be creative!

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Deneen said...

I left you a post on Fiber Freaks about the group doing it. I would be happy to donate squares to you, just let me know what colors you prefer.