Wednesday, June 27, 2007

2 More "Squares" Charities!

I have found 2 more charities that are collecting squares, and I wanted to pass along the info to all of you.

The first charity is called "Gracious Parcels" (blog here), and they are collecting 7" knitted squares that are being made into afghans for people who are moving into houses built by Habitat for Humanity. What a lovely housewarming gift!

Then, Krystal, over at Krochet Krystal, is looking for 6.5" squares made from her own pattern, which she will send you if you promise to make a square and send it back to her. She is assembling all the squares into blankets to be donated somewhere. The pattern is a cute daisy square, and one of my July goals will be to make at least one, if not more, to send to her.

Add those to Share a Square and Rebuilding Greensburg, and there's just no end to the afghan squares you can make this summer!

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