Thursday, June 7, 2007

Squares #4 and possibly #5??

I have 2 more completed squares that are going to be included in my shipment to Rebuilding Greensburg ---- one is an afghan square (#4) and the other is a facecloth (#5?).

Mrs. Priscilla since you are in charge I have a question for you:
Can facecloths and washcloths be counted as squares if they are going to a charity organization?
I was just curious about this because I have some cotton yarn I need to turn into something.

For those who don't know me -- I am Cole. I learned to knit about 3 summers ago from my Nana. I mostly knit gifts for others and items for charity organizations; you can also check out all of my little quirkiness out at my blog to see other things I am working on. I am so glad that Priscilla came up with this fabulous idea for the Summer of Squares. This will be a great experience to give to others in need and to dwindle down a lot of my one skien of all the colors I have hidden away in my stash. I don't have enough of one color to make anything big so I will definitely be able to crank out a lot of square variations.
Lyndsey-Jane: I can't wait to see how your sock yarn blanket turns out.
Priscilla: Your squares are always pretty.
I would like to donate something for the prizes -- if anything comes to mind please let me know.

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