Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Hello ya'll!
I just wanted to let you guys know about this pattern. It is a super easy mitered square pattern and I have fallen in love! I thought it would be neat to share it with everyone. It is a super stash buster too. I have knitted up several balls out of my stash using it. I promise to post pictures by Saturday at the lastest (my squares are still at my mom's house!).

Edit: I am using the larger square pattern and my # 7 (US) Clover bamboo needles and Red Heart Brand acrylic worsted weight yarn. I haven't measured them yet so they might be a little bit smaller than the requirements (8") for Rebuilding Greensburg, but they are also taking measurements that range from 7"-8.5" per what is listed below..... I did a little bit of cutting and pasting from Mrs. Sugar Bunny's blog -- she stated on her page for Greensburg:

ADDED MAY 14, 2007

What if my square is not exactly eight inches - is that okay?
Don't worry - send it anyway! I have read many other afghan project organizers say that the squares they receive are all over the map in the size range. This looks like it will be a big project y'all!! That gives us the luxury to sort squares by size. If your square is 7" or 7.5" or 8.5" or whatever, it will be sorted with other squares the same size so that when it's time to seam we won't have to worry about stretching or pulling ones into submission to conform with a larger or smaller square next to it. Send what you have - we can use them all!

What needle size should I use?
Use a needle size that will give you a fairly dense fabric. With worsted weight yarn that will probably be US 6, 7, or 8. If your stitches are a little loose you could double the yarn or add something else as a carry-along to add a little bulk. Two strands of sock yarn = worsted weight in most cases. A sport or DK + one strand of sock yarn will work well too!

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Priscilla said...

That pattern looks great! I will have to try it.

Did you use the larger or the smaller size instructions? Also, what size needles and what weight of yarn are you using? Thanks!